The must have lip balm

The wonder product you just can’t live without

You most certainly know the tricky question: if you were to leave or end up on a deserted island, what beauty product would you take with you? Well, if I would be in the position to choose only one, it would be a hard and pressing dilemma, as I would have to decide between my sunscreen cream (yes, I imagine a superb island, with a calm sea, a lot of sun and palm trees) and my lip balm. But one thing is for sure: the latter I would take with me even if I were to wake up in the middle of winter on a mountain peak. Because, out of all the cosmetic products in my beauty bag, the lip balm or any other lip treatment are, ultimately, the ones I use the most. And no, I don’t just own one, let’s say a few – and simply because I need to know I always have one at hand. I use different brands – just because I discovered several products that are good for me, and away from that, because sometimes I feel like using a stick balm, otherwise one with just a bit of color or one with a liquid formula.

You might wonder how many times I apply the balm during a day? Honestly, I really don’t know. But I know for sure that I do it in the morning, right after brushing my teeth. Why? Because the lipstick I wear during the day always looks better if my lips are well hydrated. And if somehow I want to apply a matte or a long lasting lipstick, then hydration becomes absolutely essential. Plus that, during the day, it’s much easier to re-apply a lip balm than a lipstick – for the latter I need a mirror, accuracy and patience. And occasionally a lip brush. For the lip treatment, though, I need none of the above, it’s simply a reflex. Simple, fast, and with the expected results. The same thing I do in the evening, just before I go to sleep – a bit of lip balm is enough to wake up in the morning with hydrated lips.

What are my favorites? Well, I’ve tested the ones below. They really work!

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