In love with the sun

... but not with the ultraviolet rays

Hurray, it’s summer again! And even that the sun is still hindered by some episodes of rain, I cherish every moment of warmth. Especially now when the temperatures are tolerable. Just right for me!

I would honestly spend all of my time outside, roaming the streets, or I could stay for hours and hours on a bench, in the park, reading – bathing in the sun. And still, as much as I love it, I’ve learned that the sun can harm me. Bad, I must add, taking into account that the sun is the public enemy no.1 when it comes to skin ageing, and that radiations can cause skin cancer. That’s why, wherever I go in these lovely sunny days, I’m making sure my skin is protected.

OK, to be honest all the way, I haven’t always done this. In my teens, I felt – well, let’s put it on the age – nothing bad can happen to me. Then again, who thinks of wrinkles at 16? Fortunately, I’ve grown aware over the years that there’s nothing to joke about when it comes to the sun-skin equation. And I’ve learned that I must (not should) wear SPF products not only in the summer, but during every season.

I know it sounds complicated, just something else to worry about. But somehow I managed to make things as simple as possible: I use the same type of products, but I make sure they come with SPF. And this doesn’t mean less options – on the contrary.

They are plenty, I can’t even find the time to try them all. For sure you also know there are so many options when it comes to SPF hydrating creams and foundation. And not only: lately, even the bronzing powder has the essential protection factor. And – believe it or not – even the lip gloss. For my eyes, I wear a cool pair of sunglasses. And – what can be fancier than this?! – a wide-brimmed straw hat, just like I do in my holidays.

Enjoy the sun and stay protected.

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