The ultimate test – long lasting lipstick

No matter the occasion, I no longer carry any lipstick in my clutch. And there’s not rocket science. It’s just that I’ve learnt to make it last till morning

You already know me by now: I love cosmetics. I’ve loved them even before I started to work in beauty – and that’s probably why I’m now a beauty editor. Stands proof my cosmetic cabinet in my bathroom, where he rarely steps in. Fortunately. But to give you an idea on what my wonder cabinet accommodates, I will tell you how, one day, who knows why, my boyfriend poked his nose in search for a face cream. He turned to me, with big eyes – and this is an understatement –, almost terrified. “What are you doing with all these things? Hope we’re going to sell them?!”

Nooo. Nope. No way. They might be too many, but they are mine. And, if needed, I can always find countless reasons to persuade anyone that I need every single one of them. Yes, might sound strange, but I really need every one of the 30 lipsticks in there.

And now, a little bit of honesty. I know that I’m exaggerating. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to miss any of the little things that make me happy. No, I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to buy so many lipsticks.

It’s just that I can’t help myself – occupational hazard, for sure – when I find a new shade of coral or a matte texture. Believe or not, each one has its own story and it’s suitable in a particular context. I use lipstick almost every day, especially when I wear natural make-up: I simply feel I need some color. For day, I choose the moisturizing ones. For evening, though, I want a strong, long lasting color, that won’t stretch and that would look picture perfect even at the end of the evening. OK, so how do I do this? 

  1. I use a contour lip liner. For me, it’s essential to be subtle, therefore I choose one in the same shade as the lipstick or a colorless one. Never ever though I won’t go over my natural lip contour. That’s cheating: the so-called intention is easily unveiled and the result is lousy. Still, the lip liner plays a big part: it helps fix the lipstick and its texture doesn’t spread. Further more, once you have the contour, it’s easier to apply a strong shade of lipstick without mistake.
  2. I love matte velvet-like lipsticks. True, they don’t have the most hydrating formulas, yet they last longer. And it really helps, as I don’t have to reapply my lipstick after every drink: it lasts till the end of the party.
  3. I know so well the napkin trick which, pressed over the lipstick, fixes it and wipes out the excess. Well, for me, it doesn’t work. I remove too much color, then I apply it back, then I press the napkin again, just to give up in the end. So if I want to turn a shiny moisturizing lipstick into a matte long lasting one, I simply put some powder on my lips. For clarity’s sake: a thin layer of lipstick, followed by one of powder and, in the end, a little bit more lipstick. The color is intense and it looks amazing.
  4. Finally, my most treasured trick is hy-dra-tion. A lipstick in a strong shade flatters only on moisturized lips. So, before going to bed, I always use a lip balm. Especially if I know I’ll wear a red matte lipstick the next day.


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