What to do when you crave for five perfumes…

… and you want to have them all

For more than five years I have used the same perfume. A scent I just fell in love with from the very first second: slightly flowery, a tad spicy and with that je ne sais quoi, so hard to define, but that, ultimately, made it so perfect for me. I tried, in all this time, many other fragrances, but somehow no one seemed to get even close to mine, to seduce me. So I had to reconcile myself with the situation thinking, somehow, that I have found my scent-signature, so I continued to buy it, faithfully, every time the little bottle, on my nightstand, would empty.

But that held in up to a certain day. I wouldn’t insist too much on the context, but it was one of those times when I was determined to change everything. And, sadly, I found out there are so few options at hand. A radical haircut? NO! Pink hair? NOOOO! So, instead, I bought a plane ticket and I went on vacation.
At the airport, I walked into a store, and suddenly the idea came to me: I’m going to buy another perfume. Obviously, I had to find one to my liking. And I found it! Not just one, however. And so it all started: I was passing suddenly from being in love with one fragrance, to adoring five.
But, fortunately, I was in the right place: I found a set of miniature fragrances, as in those little and precious bottles with different scents.

Many years have passed since then, but I’ve never again had another long period “dedicated” to one perfume. Now I have more: some fresher, perfect for summer, some sweet, for the winter. Perfumes that I use during the day, others in the evening. Some for the days I’m happy, others for those moments I feel down or I need a boost of confidence.
I still buy the essences in tiny, adorable bottles, precisely because I need variety. And, when I start to use one more often than the rest of my collection, it is clear that it’s the one closest to my heart, so I will order it in the 50 or 100 ml.

But let’s go back to the miniature perfumes. See them below: they are the ones that are the dearest to me.

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