Meeting the Minions

The funniest cartoon characters, taking shape in one of the most beloved toys for kids

It happened all of a sudden. One day they were nowhere, the next one everyone was talking about the Minions. Everyone, not just kids! I’ve seen shoes inspired by the Minions, t-shirts with Minions, toys, sweets. All of it. The famous animated film, with the same name, had a huge box-office success, and the characters are, eversince, loved by anyone. So, if you want to make a child happy, it’s just enough to make him a gift with one of these funny characters. Or a box of chocolates. Or a trinket, even if they have not yet reached the age to have their own keys :). The best ideas are below!


Plush toys

They are super funny and fluffy. And suitable for boys and girls of all ages. Stuart, from Despicable Me 2, it’s perfectly reproduced from plush and furthermore it even talks. You just have to push on his left hand to listen to him, and while he speaks, its large eye shines.



Here you have a lot of options, in all sizes. Tough choice: Stuart, Kevin and Bob are either firefighters, or wearing suits, or being pirates, guitar players, banana-eaters or just holding affectionately nice bears in their arms. One thing is for sure: any of these small figurines will bring to any kid an instant smile. Trust us!



Something sweet? Of course, anytime! Crispy Chocs with the Minions are a real treat. Choose a box with Carl, Stuart, Dave or Tom. You will find inside crispy delicious biscuits covered in milk or white chocolate. Yummy!


A bit of fragrance

The lovely Minions have infiltrated even the perfume world. Imagine how much joy! What surprise can be more enjoyable than a set with four small perfumes? Especially before the holidays – the bottles are just perfect even for your hand luggage.

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