Monster High: the kids’ latest obsession

In case you’re wondering why kids are not afraid of monsters anymore, read this.

If you have children, especially pre-teen girls, you’ve definitely heard of Monster High before. Your girl probably showed you, in a toy store recently this weird looking doll that looks straight out of a horror film. And of course you thought: “What the hell is this? Is this even appropriate for kids? Well, I suppose it’s not that bad, if she really likes it…” and said: “Ok, honey, you can have it.”

But if you’ve just heard about Monster High and you have no clue about it, then it’s time to learn some more about the kids’ latest obsession:

Monster High was created by the world’s largest toy company, Mattel, and launched in 2010.

The main characters are all girls that can easily be mistaken for a long lost Addams Family relative, or maybe just a newly created vampire or zombie. Think dramatic make-up, dark colors and gothic details.

They all co-exist in this alternative universe –a high school where all teenage monsters are accepted and, most importantly, where imperfections are considered to be cool and everyone’s uniqueness is embraced. Monster High acknowledges the awkward stage of adolescence we all have to go through in life and encourages kids to be themselves.

Come to think of it, that’s a very cool message to send to the kids, especially nowadays, when their role models are all tall, thin, have perfect skin and wear the coolest clothes. So every kid out there is striving to adapt and to be that person, so close to perfection. But there is plenty time to worry about that when they’re all grown up, so why start so early, right?

But if you think you’re going to buy your little girl a doll and be done with it, you’re so wrong. The “Monster High” universe evolved into a highly successful toy franchise: a range of toys, DVDs, music videos, video games, books, clothing accessories, and much more. The doll line is, by far, the most successful one, yet keep in mind that they are presently working on 10 episode TV series. So be sure to expect the craze to grow even more once the MH will hit the TV screens. So, yup, your limited TV viewing time just got even shorter. Get ready!

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