La Dolce Vita or Baratti & Milano

A simple thought to the traditional Italian sweets is all it takes to make your mouth water. And the Baratti & Milano specialties are some of the classic and most delicious sweets, for many years now

You know from the very beginning that the Baratti & Milano sweets won’t disappoint you. They are fine, delicious specialities that encompass the knowledge of the skilful traditional Italian confectioners for more than 150 years.

The Baratti & Milano exquisite sweets are created with the upmost attention to details, from the superior quality of each ingredient, to the rigorous control of the entire production process. Ever since the beginning, the quality of the Baratti & Milano specialities has been recognized and the brand quickly became a supplier of the Royal Court. From the coffee shop in the centre of Turin, where it all began, the brand’s reputation grew from one year to another. Today, it’s one of the most prestigious Italian exquisite sweets, refined specialties that rise to the highest expectations.

The factory in Bra, in Piedmont region – notorious in Italy for the long lasting sweets’ tradition – produces some of the most famous specialties: The Gianduiotti, Cremini, Cuneesi, Braidesi, Praline alla Nocciola Piemonte, the Amaretti Morbidi or Canestrellini of Sassello.

Baratti & Milano is part of the Elah Dufour Novi Group – founded in 1982 by Flavio Repetto – together with other three brands with tradition in the Italian sweets industry, respectively Elah, Dufour, Novi. While each brand maintained its identity in terms of production in line with its tradition, the group’s philosophy is an integrated one.

The superior quality is one of the main values of the group. Thus, from caring for the cocoa trees on the plantations in Ecuador and the Ivory Coast, to the exploit of the cocoa trees, the transport to the factory and the entire production cycle, everything is carefully supervised by the company’s representatives. Packaging design also gets special attention, therefore the traditional label is easily recognized all around the world.

Don’t be so hard on yourself if you can’t resist these sweets. They are simply delicious. Those who can surely didn’t try them yet. 🙂

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