How to open a bottle of champagne

Without a ”pop”. And without spilling half of it on the floor

Impress your friends and open a bottle of champagne like a pro. There are 8 steps, but believe me, it’s easier than you think.

  1. Champagne, prosecco or sparkling wine. For any of them, the number 1 rule says you have to make sure that the drink is cold. Otherwise, the pressure inside the bottle will force the cork out very quickly. Oh, and if it’s warm, it’ll taste awful as well.
  2. If you want to chill it faster, fill the ice basket with half water, half ice cubes.
  3. Cut or tear the foil around the cork.
  4. If the bottle was kept in the ice basket, make sure it is dry. It can slip from your hand so easily!
  5. Use a kitchen towel. Fold it lengthwise and wrap it over the cage and the cork. It is kind of a safety measure that ensures the cork will not fly like a bullet.
  6. Keep the bottle tilted at 45 degrees and remove the metal cage that surrounds the cork. In all this time, keep the cork pressed.
  7. Once you took of the metal cage, twist the bottle – not the cork. And twist it until the pressure inside the bottle begins to push the cork by itself. As soon as you feel that it begins to move a little by itself, keep it slightly pressed, as not to jump too quickly.
  8. Now that the bottle’s pressure pushes the cork, you can control the moment you open the bottle. If you want to impress the audience (but not wake up your neighbors), uncork it slowly, without wasting any of the precious drink.


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