Five restaurants around the world worth trying

Anytime you want something new and exquisite

Some restaurants are a real destination. And what can be more romantic than a dinner for two at one of the best restaurants in the world? Provided you get a reservation, of course. Following a thorough research, I’ve chosen five restaurants I would love to try, even if this would involve buying plane tickets particularly for this purpose.


Guy Savoy, Paris

You have Paris at your feet. Literally. Because the restaurant covers the last floor of one of the most spectacular buildings in the city, Monnaie de Paris. The place is renowned not only for the excellent food, but also for its impeccable service. This 3 Michelin star restaurant is a fascinating place where you will want to return.


White Rabbit, Moscow

Yes, the name is inspired by the famous story “Alice in Wonderland”. But the restaurant is chic, elegant and very modern. With its glass ceiling and a breath-taking view over Moscow, White Rabbit offers a daring menu, which combines traditional Russian cuisine with extravagant, luxurious dishes. The restaurant is placed at the 16th floor at Smolensky Passage business centre.


La Pergola, Rome

With an impressing menu, elegant wooden decorations and a stunning view over the eternal city, La Pergola is the most esteemed restaurant in Rome and the only one in the city rewarded with 3 Michelin stars. The restaurant managed by the famous chef Heinz Beck offers a wine list of over 60.000 options, a water list of 45 selections and the best Mediterranean products.


Ekstedt, Stockholm

This is a delicious experience, specific to the Scandinavian cuisine. The restaurant does not use electricity for cooking at all, but choses the old fashion methods – traditional fire, charcoal kiln, burning coal. The modern component can be found within the ingredients and the various, unexpected combinations. If you are not sure what to choose, go for the daily menu, with its four or six courses. You won’t regret it!


Le Bernardin, New York

Acknowledged as one of the best restaurants in the world, especially when it comes to seafood, Le Bernardin offers a cuisine that’s both simple and refined. Chef’s Gilbert Le Coze menu is divided into dishes that are “almost raw”, “barely touched” and “barely cooked”. Try the sea bass tartare or the “lobster lasagne” with celery and truffle-butter. Simply delicious!

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