• The finest white chocolate
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    • The finest white chocolate

      Most of the times, we see things in black and white. Why wouldn’t this apply to chocolate as well?

    • Gift idea: take the train

      As a child, my absolutely favorite toys were the trains: retro locomotives carrying – full steam ahead – the oh-so-many colorful wagons

    • I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world

      This year, the Barbie dolls get an upgrade. It seems like the perfect time to remember how they became famous and the favorite girls’ toys in the world

    • Delicious sweets for sweet kids

      What is the gift that makes kids happy every time? You guessed it – a sweet surprise

    • Champagne. Let it flow

      Be it an original, or a classic, a delicious champagne cocktail sets the tone for a marvelous party

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