The finest white chocolate

Most of the times, we see things in black and white. Why wouldn’t this apply to chocolate as well?

Imagine this: a few generations ago, people didn’t eat chocolate. And not because they couldn’t afford it, but simply because it didn’t exist. Chocolate, in its solid state – the chocolate tablets we now see in every shop – was invented only in the XIXth century. Until then, you could only drink it.

The delicious white chocolate, simple or vanilla flavored, is even more recent. There is not an exact point in time when this marvelous mix of cocoa butter, milk and sugar was invented, but all leads take us somewhere between the two world wars. Around 1930s, Milkybar – the first white chocolate bar produced by the Swiss Nestle company – got into the European market. Since then, all the major producers launched their own white chocolate recipe, one more delicious than the other. Find our favorites below:

  1. Toblerone White, with its unique shape, inspired by the peaks of the Swiss Alps. Prepared with honey and almond nougat covered with just the right amount of white chocolate, Toblerone is a real treat.
  2. The Lindt master chocolatiers offer us even two white chocolate options, both refined, creamy and smooth: a classic one with milk, and one with almonds.
  3. Ritter, the famous German producer, blends the roasted corn and white flakes with an exquisite vanilla white chocolate for the most wanted squared-shaped White + Crisp tablet.
  4. Frey, the number one Swiss chocolate producer, comes up with its tempting Chocobloc White tablet: almond honey nougat and the irresistible creamy chocolate.


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