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Products that you take with you even when you don’t have a checked luggage

I must admit that I am not the kind of man who has a hundreds of cream boxes; I don’t like to own a whole collection. But I do admit they are necessary. For example, I need face cream, an after shaving balm and, once in a while, hand cream that I “borrow” from my girlfriend. Only that, when I leave for business for a few days, things get complicated. I don’t want a big luggage, not to mention checked luggage: I hate to waste time in the airport waiting for it. So I found a few products – the mini versions –, ideal for such trips.


Samurai Body Care, Rituals

Two types of shower gel (one of which very refreshing, just perfect for summer), shampoo and shaving cream – all under 100 ml, so they don’t have to be packed in the checked luggage. Samurai from Rituals is one of my favorite care lines, which I love to use even at home.


Armani Coffret, Giorgio Armani

It contains five miniature perfumes, all by Giorgio Armani. When I leave for just a few days, I choose two of them: a fresher one, for day, and a more intense one, for the evening. When I leave on vacation, however, I may pack all five of them, and choose my preferred aroma depending on my outfit or, purely, on my every day mood.


Hydra Energetic, L’Oreal

It’s a special set for face care from L’Oreal, which is useful every single day. The shaving foam is very gentle and does not irritate the skin. Not a even a bit. The Hydra Energetic lotion removes the fatigue signs and hydrates for 24 hours. And the deodorant… well, is there any day when you don’t need it? 🙂


Calvin Klein, Coffret Men

If you’re a fan of Calvin Klein’s perfumery, I have some great news: a set of five miniature fragrances! It’s perfect when you go on a journey in which you get to mix business with pleasure: yes, formal meetings, but just as well free time to enjoy a new town. The kit contains the Euphoria, Eternity, CK Free, CK 2 and CK One perfumes.


Take Off Grab and Fly Men Essentials, Clarins

Four absolutely wonderful products from Clarins Men, you’ll definitely enjoy on your trip – and which I bet you’ll buy also for home: a shaving foam, a deodorant, a face moisturizing gel and a 2 in 1 product: shampoo and shower gel. You have everything you need!

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