5 + 1 Colored masculine fragrances

Tell me your favorite color to tell you what perfume fits you best

OK, OK, I admit, I exaggerated a little bit. Of course the aroma will be the one that will convince you to use a scent or another. However, in order to try it, to know how it smells, the perfume bottles need to lure you. They need to attract you somehow: to have a design or a color that would convince you to test them, to pick them out from the endless offers in the store. And, most of the times, colors are no longer chosen randomly. That’s why, for example, an aquatic fragrance will be, most likely, blue or turquoise, as the seawater. You’ve got below five great perfumes in five colors suitable to any man. Oh, and another one, in an unexpected color: pink.


Navy blue – Bleu Noir from Narciso Rodriquez

“I love that deep blue that is so dark that it seems black. I love the black so intense that it get the depth of the sky at twilight”, said Narciso Rodriguez. And it’s enough to think of the sheer elegance of the navy blue suit to agree with him. And the Bleu Noir fragrance aroma is as stylish: it opens with notes of cardamom and nutmeg, continues with the woody ones, cedar and musk, and towards the evening the ebony base notes are magically released. 


Red – Polo Red Intense from Ralph Lauren

It’s the color that makes you think of youth, adventure and vitality. And it’ll not disappoint you when you test it: Polo Red Intense is a refreshing and modern fragrance, with a woody spicy composition. In the first moments you’ll feel the fresh notes of red grapefruit and cranberries, then those of ginger and coffee, and finally the more pronounced notes of red cedar, amber and leather.


White – Hugo Boss Unlimited

White inspires purity, cleanliness, sincerity, optimism – and we can add plenty of positive attributes here. And a white perfume makes its mark immediately. When you’ll try Hugo Boss Unlimited, you’ll discover an aromatic scent, inspired by nature. It’s an interesting combination of woody notes (white musk and sandalwood), floral (rose and violet leaves), spiced (cinnamon and mint) and fruity (pineapple and grapefruit).


Silver grey – Kouros Silver from Yves Saint Laurent

Silver is about the modern, the high tech, but because it’s the color of a precious metal, it is often associated with welfare. And the silver fragrance I chose is still a modern one, a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic Kouros launched by YSL in 1981: it contains fresh aromas of green apple, sage, and also sensual notes of amber and sandalwood.


Black – Man in Black from Bvlgari

Well, I think everyone here agrees: a man dressed in black is elegant, but also mysterious and seductive. Black seduces everyone, it’s the color that is never missing the catwalks, from the designers’ creations, and, basically, it’s present in everyone’s wardrobe. And the eau de toilette Man in Black is a mix of precious essences gathered from around the world, an intense and daring composition: lots of spices, floral notes, leather, tonka beans and guaiac wood.


Pink – Joop! Homme

In the men’s wardrobe, pale pink translates into pure refinement. And strong pink means boldness, nonconformity, and a desire to step into the spotlight. Just as the Joop! Homme perfume bottle does – it’s bright pink, a color rarely seen in the masculine perfumery. Released several years ago, in 1989, Joop! shocked with a slogan to match: Real men wear pink. It’s a timeless scent with notes of mandarin, lemon, bergamot, jasmine, cinnamon and sandalwood.

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