How to prepare a Martini like a pro

Because when it's well done, it's simply delicious

Fortunately, it’s not very difficult to make a Martini by the book. You just need the right ingredients, a shaker, a cool glass and a bunch of good friends for a great atmosphere. If all these conditions are met, get to work.

For a classic gin Martini, you need 30 ml of vermouth, 120 ml of gin, a cocktail glass, and olives. Then, just follow the steps below:

1. Put in a powerful blender the ice cubes, then fill a metal shaker with the crushed ice.

2. Then pour the vermouth and mix well. Our favorite is Martini Extra Dry, created from a blend of over 40 aromatic herbs.

3. Add the gin – we recommend Bombay Saphire, with triple distilled alcohol, or Bulldog, a combination of 12 different plants, with a unique taste and fragrance.

4. Now it’s time to mix again for about ten seconds.

5. Pour the cocktail into a cold glass and add an olive. Or two.

Have a great party!

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