Why does everyone talk about Tonymoly?

The Asian cosmetics that have conquered the world

The new trends in the beauty industry brought us closer to Asian brands, whose names we didn’t know so far, but we were looking forward to try. Why? In Asia, women are extremely focused and passionate about care, which is why they are so demanding with the products they use. Furthermore, Asia is the continent that has given so many innovations in the field (and not only). So I was very happy the time I hold my first Tonymoly product, a brand launched in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

And to be honest all the way, I must confess: when I saw the first Tonymoly product, I had no idea what brand it was. I got excited, and this rarely happens to me. Firstly thanks to its design. Just imagine: holding a tiny, delicate box, in the shape of a green apple. I opened it up, and, inside, I discovered a lip balm – a mild formula, but one that hydrates right away – not to mention that the effect lasts for all the rest of the day. Oh, and what a delicious flavor! I couldn’t resist for too long, and I also tried the Tonymoly peach balm. And, yeap, I took them both home.

The next discovery? The face masks from the same brand. They also have super funny packaging. I tested several from the I’m Real line – because there’re more, and each one acts differently. Depending on your skin’s needs, choose the mask containing red wine (it shrinks the pores and hydrates the skin), the seaweeds one (for purifying the complexion), the one with tomato extract (for a radiating skin) or the avocado mask (for intense hydration). Every mask is packed in an envelope, and it only takes 20 minutes to feel its effect.

One more thing: as eye care is extremely important (you know, the skin around the eyes is the most sensitive), also try the Panda’s Dream eye-patches. You’ll see they do wonders – they hydrate flawlessly, wiping out the signs of fatigue and the wrinkles. And the feeling that lingers on the skin is so pleasant!

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