#BeautyTips: Why do you need tonic lotion?

And how do you choose the right one for your complexion?

I think that many of us skip, from time to time, the crucial step in our care routine that plainly says: after you remove your make-up, you have to apply a tonic lotion. Now, let’s be honest: it’s easier just remove your make-up, apply a face cream and that’s it, done with it! I did it myself. I was in college and I had planned to take care of my skin – especially since I was at that particular age when you usually overdo with your make-up… and, yes, you lose too many nights partying in the city.

So I used a make-up removal product, tonic lotion and cream (at that time, I didn’t know much about serum or other more complex care products). Yet the toner was, well… it dried my skin, and even itched sometimes. I gave it up and, for a while, I even completely dropped the idea of trying another, convinced that I can manage without. After all, why is so important to use tonic lotion?!

Well, look, it’s not just a whim. The tonic lotion eliminates any make-up remover residues (and the make-up remains, as well, in case they are still present) and the dead cells. And very important, it prepares the skin for hydration. More specifically, any cream applied after the toner will be absorbed into the skin easier and its action will be enhanced by hundreds of times. In addition, the tonic lotions also have plenty of benefits: some are hydrating; others fight against wrinkles, while some against a dull and flat complexion. The trick is to choose the right one for you.

OK, so that’s the secret: to be careful what toner you use. If your skin is dry, it’s important to choose an alcohol-free lotion with a hydrating effect. Furthermore, if your skin gets red easily, you need a special product for sensitive skin.

There are special lotions for oily complexion or for the ones prone to acne, for normal or combination complexion, as well as revitalizing toners. Basically, you just need a little bit of attention: it’s worth it. It’s a choice of which, I’m sure, you’ll thank yourself for in a few years!

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