Why your skin needs vitamin C

And which are the cosmetic products that contain it

Have you ever talked with a dermatologist? Then, surely he said to you (once again, as if you didn’t know it already!) that your skin needs sun protection filter products and vitamin C. OK, OK, this vitamin stuff, well, you just hear it from anyone – that you have to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. That during winter it’s wise to take dietary supplements. That you should have your checkups at least once a year to find out whether you lack vitamins. And now it seems that even the dermatologists have an obsession with it: your skin needs vitamin C products.

Well, it’s not really an obsession. It’s actually an advice based on many studies. Vitamin C is a wonderful ingredient for the skin that is, usually, well tolerated by any skin type. It doesn’t irritate and doesn’t interact with the other ingredients contained in the cosmetics you use. And, more importantly, it is one of the most powerful antioxidants fighting free radicals. It reduces the fine wrinkles, stimulates the collagen production, and fades the acne signs and dark spots. Yes, it’s true: it’s a magical ingredient.

Well, you have all the arguments to use it. That if you are not one of the few women having a complexion that is particularly easily irritated or with problems such as rosacea.

Goody. But it’s not enough to drink a fresh orange juice every morning (this is a good habit, so it deserves to be kept!). For the skin, there are particular products, rich in vitamin C, such as those from Clinique. One of them is Daily Booster: it contains 10% pure vitamin C and it is very easy to use: you just need to add two drops in your everyday cream, in the morning and evening.

You’ll see how your skin will change for the better: it will be brighter, plus the aging signs will diminish. The other product, Clinique Fresh Pressed, comes in a powder sachet and it’s perfect for cleansing the skin, both in the morning and evening. Put the powder in your palm, add a few splashes of water (which activates vitamin C), apply it on your face, and then rinse. It’s a delicate formula that doesn’t dry the skin: quite the contrary, it purifies the complexion and offers it the extraordinary benefits of vitamin C.

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