While you’re at the office…

Your friends post photos from exotic islands

Puff, it’s so blissfully motivating to open that endless Excel file again. Figures over figures, formulas – in the evening, when you close your eyes, you almost see the columns. Plus, just when you thought you can relax a bit, you get an email from which you learn that you’ll have a gigantic meeting: the big boss is making a working visit.

This mean that you have to prepare a presentation, to define the strategy, to… And when is this meeting scheduled? No way! It’s just three days before your vacation. Well, that’s bad luck: you’ve just planned your tasks so you can have a quiet holiday, without being glued to the phone and having to regularly check your mail. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

Good, now this is the time when you must, you really must to plan a new to-do-list and follow it. Otherwise, instead of late mornings, you’ll wake up with the chickens, to give some more feedback to your colleagues. And no, you don’t want to do this on vacation. So, you take a deep breath, have another sip of coffee and go back to your laptop.

As a diligent employee, you go a little bit on the net. You buy online a pair of sunglasses. And sunscreen. And a waterproof mascara. Then you gaze in the phone, to the last summer’s photos. And you discover a sensational one – the palm leaves’ shadows reflect in the sea, and, in a corner, on the sand, it’s your straw sun hat. How come you didn’t see it before? You post it on Facebook and Instagram, along with three words: So very close. You leave the Internet, and that interminable Excel, with numbers and formulas, opens again before your eyes.

And it’s one more hour till the end of the day. You take another look at that Excel… Another mail pops on your screen, from your marketing colleagues… Someone brings you an expense account to be signed… And you smile. You think a little, you become courageous and ask a colleague to help you with “some things that I just found out about now, and today I have an emergency, I really have to leave earlier.”

And – damn it! – you close everything and leave. It’s prosecco night with your friends, and, this time, you’re going to be the first there.

On your way, you count the days until your holiday. They seem so many. But look, today went pretty easy. You only hope the following days will be the same. After all, you need to find some ways to make your life easier at the office.

By the way, how do you manage to hang on till your holiday? Especially if it’s planned in… September?

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