Safari in Europe

Where to see polar bears, lynx or elephants without having the need of a holiday on another continent

When you say safari, the first thing that crosses your mind is, most likely, an exotic vacation, in Africa. And it sounds very good, but it needs o lot of planning and research, resources. Especially, since you can’t do it over a weekend, once you get there, you’ll just want to visit as many places as you can, and make the most of it. But, fortunately, you have some pretty nice alternatives: you can safari, and even better you can safari in Europe.


Lions, zebras and giraffes in the Netherlands

No, the climate didn’t change overnight, as neither the zebras didn’t move from Africa to Europe :). You can, however, see them in the southern Netherlands, in Safaripark Beekse Bergen Park, a zoo with over 1250 animals from a staggering 150 species. You can visit the park on foot, with your own car, by bus or by boat, or even to assist to a bird show, very appreciated by tourists.


Bears, wolves, lynx and foxes in Norway

If you really want to visit Northern Norway – especially in the torrid months that raid Europe, you have to make a visit to the Polar Park in Bardu, Tromso. Here, animals are sheltered in their natural habitat, so you’ll see in particular those living in the Arctic area. And if you want to get out here in the cold season (when you can take the opportunity to see also the Northern Lights, the Aurora borealis), everything will be even more spectacular: it’s the period in which the animals are more active.


Elephants, buffalo and hippos in Italy

When you go on vacation to Bari, stop for a day in Fasano, the little town that hosts the ZooSafari. In addition to tigers, lions and bears you’ll see flamingos, llamas, elephants and many more. Zoosafari can be visited by car, and some of the animals will be curious and will approach the vehicles. Still, be aware, there are also areas where, for safety reasons, you are not allowed to open the windows.


Camels, kangaroos and deer in Turkey

The largest zoological garden in Turkey, Gaziantep is located in the southeastern part of the province with the same name. It is within this compound that the first opened safari park in Turkey was opened: you can see here more than 200 animals from 70 species living in a habitat very close to the natural one: camels, llamas, kangaroos and deer roam around free in this amazing park.


Monkeys, sea lions and elephants in England

If you ever arrive in Woburn, Bedfordshire, rent a car and visit the local safari park or just walk it through in the areas where this is allowed. You’ll see monkeys, sea lions, elephants, but also birds, reptiles or spectacular insects. There are over 1000 animals, so you can spend a whole day, utterly absorbed, loosing track of time.

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