Top most popular 5 destinations in Europe on Instagram

This is where you will take the best travel photos

Instagrammable. Yes, it’s a new word made up by social media fans. It is about food, travel or anything else that can turn into a successful picture on Instagram. And, as it’s summer vacation time, we searched for the most beautiful places you can take pictures and get a lot of appreciation in return – likes, hearts, comments or reposts. Our list is a subjective one, but we hope it will inspire you. Take your sunglasses, your favorite filters and… let’s go!


#London – over 79 million hashtags

Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Eye – what is the celeb attraction you should photograph first? The answer is simple: all of them. Ah, don’t forget Madame Tussaud wax museum, where you can get a picture of you and your favorite actors. You will create a huge buzz on social media, especially as not everybody will notice from the start that Brad Pitt is actually made of wax. 🙂


#Paris – over 67 million hashtags

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the city of love is a great success on social media. In love or not, every tourist with an Instagram account will post a picture of The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum or the Notre Dame Cathedral. Besides these famous objectives you will drag a lot of attention due to the cool images of the chic coffee places, the fashionable French women and the sensational desserts.


#Barcelona – almost 30 million hashtags

The city that has it all: the gorgeous architecture of Gaudi and Miro, a sensational beach, the artists on Rambla and one of the most famous markets, La Boqueria – in this place only you can take hundreds of photos with exotic fruits, fish, oysters, lobsters and octopuses. Let’s not forget about the sharks and all the creatures in the Aquarium. Even if you feel the urge of posting everything on social media, take a break and enjoy the city, with sangria next to you.


#Berlin – almost 23 million hashtags

The youngsters consider it one of the coolest European cities. Berlin is the home for amazing modern artistic shows, but also celeb places for fun. It is full of color, it has a fresh vibe and it’s nothing like any other city in Germany. It’s really worth taking a vacation in Berlin.


#Madrid – over 20 million hashtags

Spain’s capital is impressive – its architecture, the parks, the famous avenues, all of them are quite appreciated on Instagram – from the Royal Palace to the Prado Museum, from the Sabatini gardens to the Retiro Park. And, like everywhere in Spain, the food is delicious and looks really good in pictures. Don’t miss the baby pork specialties and maybe the best octopus in the world.

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