When you crave for a new perfume…

… but you’re not sure what you want. How do you choose it?

Since I work surrounded by beauty products, my girlfriends are often asking me for advice. And, in most situations, I can handle it perfectly. I recommended eye creams, long-lasting lipsticks, eye shadows or an almost invisible foundation. But I get stuck every time when any of my friends ask me what perfume should she to buy. The choice of perfume is something so personal and intimate that there are few chances that one that I am fond of will be as attractive to someone else. The scent awakes long forgotten memories, gives you a certain mood, a sensation. You need to feel it and choose it by yourself. But, nevertheless, where you start?


From the composition notes

In some cases – if you know exactly what you want – it may be a good idea. It works when you don’t want something extremely complicated and when you know how to describe what you want. More precisely: a fresh scent with citrus notes. Or one with distinctive notes of jasmine. Well, in this case, go straight to the perfume shelf and seek advice from a beauty adviser. There is also the option of trying them one after another, but, as you know, after smelling three of them, you won’t be able to accurately feel the ones that follow.


Depending on the occasion

I have friends who have different perfumes for different outfits, fragrances that they wear at the office, others at parties. For day and for night. And it’s a way to choose: most instances, those for the day or for the casual outfits are discrete and light, as a fresh or floral eau de toilette. The ones for evening and elegant outfits are typically eau de parfum, more intense and sometimes sweeter. Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t break the rule and to go to the office wearing a strong perfume, just so, to make a statement.


Or depending on the season

I don’t know what you like, but I, for example, have something special to tuberoses. They have a strong, exciting aroma, they have personality. And, yet, I couldn’t wear tuberoses in mid-summer. However, in winter, when it’s snowing and all is frosty, I love to use a scent with strong notes of tuberoses. In the spring, however, I prefer orange blossom notes of, and when it gets hot and my mind races to endless vacations, then I wear marine fragrances. Towards autumn, woody and ciprate notes. Well, you have already figured out that I’m not the fan of a single perfume. However, most of the time, I use one or two, depending on the season.


Just because you like it

You have to feel it. It must tell you something. To be crazy about it and to want to wear it anytime: winter or summer. It’s like feeling love at first sight. You don’t find it to be just OK, not just interesting, but you desire it with your whole being. Well, that is your scent, regardless of the season or the notes it contains. Yet, only you can know it, so, in the end, the main rule is the one that you already know: test perfumes, one by one, until you find the one that sweeps you of your feet.

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