#BeautyTips: How to make your perfume last longer

Especially in the hot summer days

Did you ever get the feeling your favorite perfume vanishes faster then usual? I did. Especially that in the summer I choose almost instinctively a fresh perfume, with citrus notes. But one morning I felt the need of something different: a stronger perfume, with floral notes, a bit sweet – something that for me meant a change in the routine. And, even if there were 40 degrees Celsius that day, even if I was out till late, I could still feel its scent in the evening. It was discreet, subtle, yet there, on my skin. Because that’s one of the tricks: when it’s really hot, use a more intense perfume, even an eau de parfum.

Despite the heat and the humidity, the main notes will be active even at the end of the day. If you like summer limited edition perfumes (that are not usually that strong), you can use other tricks too. Spray some perfume in your hair – you will feel its scent for hours. Same, if you place a few drops on a natural fabric, preferably linen or cotton. But it’s not very easy; in this case, you should choose a colorless perfume. Or you could spray a few drops on a scarf, then naturally catch your hair with it.

And when you apply the perfume directly on your skin, don’t forget about the areas where you can feel your pulse: on your wrists, at the back of your head, or along your neck, even at the back of your knees. There, the skin is softer and your favorite aroma will last longer then usual.

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