After 15 years, Chanel launches a new perfume

It’s called Gabrielle and it will be available starting September 2017

Chanel Gabrielle eau de parfum

Chanel is one of the brands known to create iconic perfumes – at the same time, it’s one of the brands that launches a new perfume once every 10 years, or more. That’s why the news that Gabrielle eau de parfum will be available starting September spread soon around the globe: Gabrielle is the first new perfume since Chance, in 2002. Meanwhile, we could only enjoy new interpretations of the already launched fragrances, stronger of softer versions, from elixir to l’eau. Although we will not be able to find Gabrielle eau de parfum in stores till autumn, Chanel already organized an exclusive party in Paris, at Palais de Tokyo, at the beginning of July. Actress Kristen Stewart, the image of the new fragrance, took part at the glamorous event. Other special guests were Olivier Polge, the house perfumer that created Gabrielle, and his father Jacques Polge, who worked for Chanel before his son and launched the famous fragrance Chance. The new Chanel perfume encapsulates Gabrielle’s personality, the woman, but also the designer – Coco. She was a free woman, with a strong desire for independence – something that few women would claim those days. She used to say: I have chosen the person who I wanted to be and I am. Gabrielle is the woman who refuses to settle with less. Gabrielle, brave, choses to be different. Gabrielle struggles to find fulfilment and is ready to do whatever it takes to gain her freedom. Gabrielle, ambitious, invites every woman to follow her, today as in the past. Gabrielle is a tribute for women, a perfume defined by the concept of rebellion. An abstract floral fragrance, sunny and bright, with white flowers notes, from tuberose in Grasse to ylang ylang and orange blossom. The floral aroma finds balance in the fruity mandarin notes, in the end persisting discreet wooden notes – sandalwood and musk. The design and the bottle of the new fragrance are signed by Sylvie Legastelois, whose desire was to create a distinct bottle matching a special perfume. The result is outstanding: the glass of the bottle was never that thin, that sophisticated – allowing the perfume to glow. Although the luxury concept is sometimes associated with the idea of a massive bottle, Chanel has chosen to be different. It took years to reach this performance. Even the lower thick part of the bottle (perfume bottles usually include a thick, curved glass at the bottom) was eliminated. The square label has the same size as the cap, in a metallic shade between gold and silver, inspired by the fabrics used in the Haute Couture line. Overall, it’s a way of celebrating true luxury, or as Gabrielle Chanel says: Luxury is what you don’t see.

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