What rules to respect when applying your eyeshadow

For a flawless make-up, just steal some tricks from the professional make-up artists

The most known eyeshadow is probably the pressed powder. But you have plenty of other options: cream, gel, crayons, loose pigments. Cream eyeshadows are perfect when you want a great coverage, but you can use them, as well, as a base color – they intensify the hue of any powder eyeshadow that you may apply on top. And it even provides a long lasting effect. Those with a gel texture are ideal as liners, but you need a special brush. And the crayons… Well, with them you can simply draw, just like in school.
I know all of this seems easy: you choose a shade for the eye make-up, apply it on the eyelids, add mascara and you’re ready! But there’s still one reason for which – almost every time –, a professional make-up looks better. And for that reason only, follow some rules that you can apply yourself. You’ll see the difference. 


Color selection

When you’re not in the mood for beige and nude, but for a stronger color, think about the shade of your eyes. There are eyeshadows, which look much better with green or blue eyes – for example purple. The gold, copper or the bronze hues are just perfect for blue or light brown eyes. The black eyeliner and the chocolate eyeshadows emphasize the brown or black eyes. But wait, that doesn’t mean that if your eyes are darker, you are not allowed to wear a gold eye shadow. No way! Especially since, lately, there are fewer strict rules in make-up. But if you want a shade that will truly highlight your look, just apply the tricks above.


A lot of loose powder

I know, I know what you think: that the powder should be always applied with discretion, in small quantities. But there is an exception. When you want to use a dark eyeshadow, you are very much likely to ruin your make-up. So, basically, you have two options. The first is to start with your eyes make-up, so you can then easily remove any trace of eyeshadow that might fall under your eyes. The other, to apply plenty of loose powder just under the eyes. Thus, the colored eyeshadow particles of will fall into the powder, that you will easily swipe away with a large brush.


The primer’s importance

It’s quite simple: it fixes your eyeshadow. And this is how you will avoid any creasing – your make-up will simply stay in its place till the end of the day. And yes, the primer will enhance your eyeshadow color. It’s not complicated at all: you only need to apply the primer before the eyeshadow. And if you really want an intense, but matte look, I learned a new trick: instead of primer, use a white eyeliner or a crayon, and only then apply your favorite matte eyeshadow. It isn’t difficult at all, is it?

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