Hypnotic eyelashes

False or natural? It’s sometimes hard to make the difference

On the catwalk, the models’ eyes are emphasized, more than ever, by hypnotic eyelashes. It looks wow. By the end of the Fashion Week it was obvious that mascara will play a leading role in this season. But is it really possible to wear the catwalk make-up? Yes and no.

Though, one thing is clear: it’s hard to imagine any make-up without mascara. It’s most women’s favorite beauty product and I, for one, don’t know any woman who doesn’t own at least one. It goes also for the women who rarely use make-up. Well, then what’s new? The Vuitton look, for example, is made with false thick eyelashes, just like feathers, applied toward the external corner of the eye.

At Marni, the false eyelashes are very long, but carefully put from place to place, for a dramatic effect. Mary Katrantzou uses marvelous burgundy mascara, sensational especially if you have blue eyes. And Marc Jacobs take things even further: he exaggerates with mascara until the eyelashes are literally glued one to another.

All these look great in fashion shows. But how to adapt them for us, who don’t walk do catwalk? Simple: we don’t copy, we just get inspiration. It pretty obvious how scarce are the occasions where a dramatic look would be a proper choice. For example, the eyelashes from the Vuitton show would work splendid at a theme party or at a costume ball. But it certainly takes the magic of an expert to get the right look.

And now, back to natural eyelashes. You can highlight them with mascara for length and volume. A fine line of black eyeliner creates an even more powerful effect, suitable even for daytime. Get inspired from Mary Katrantzou and use colored mascara. And for an evening party, forget at least once the less is more rule and put on extra mascara, like in Marc Jacobs’ show. Just because sometimes we could really use a bit of courage.

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