Mascara: small tips, great make-up

After all the those pitful mornings when I utterly compromised my make-up, I’m proud to say I finally master one of the most valuable and simple tips: how to apply mascara without a fault

For me, there’s no make-up without mascara. Once I’ve put the foundation on, mascara becomes a must. Otherwise, I can’t even recognize myself in the mirror.

Well, the eyelash make-up seems easy: two layers on the upper eyelashes and one (in my case, none) on the lower ones. However, experience taught me that it’s not as easy as it looks. First, I need a couple of days to get used to new mascara. When using it for the first time, I feel like a novice: somehow, something goes wrong. But I’ve leant to have patience. After the regular trial days, everything gets easier, because as I get used to the brush and the formula. However, I rarely succeed in applying mascara on my lashes only. I spoil my make-up almost every time. Not to mention the morning in which, right after I tinted my eyelashes, I started sneezing. Obviously, I sneezed with my eyes closed. No wonder, I looked like a clown afterwards.

And so I’ve learnt the most important tip: not to remove mascara traces with cleansing lotion. And in any case not to do it immediately: it spreads and the result is catastrophic. The way to go: I let it dry. It’s as simple as that. Everything’s gone with a simple cotton bud. Dry. No smudge, no traces.

Another one of my findings is that if I apply mascara in a zigzag way, there are fewer chances for lashes to get clumpy. Or, for safety, I use a special primer, to define them. When neither one nor the other succeeds, I have an emergency solution: a clean and dry mascara brush that separates the clumpy lashes and removes the excess mascara.

One question left: how much? As I said in the beginning, two layers. Still, this season brings about with something new – we are allowed to overstate. The make-up artists invite us to wear hypnotic eyelashes, with more mascara than usual. So cool for the new season’s parties.

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