The ultimate guide for festival jewelry

Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings that will complete this summer festival outfits. And the next summer, too…

bijuterii de purtat la festival

Festival attire can mean something different for each of us. At festivals we see lots of styles, from rock and punk to boho, from extravagant ensembles to relaxed outfits, which do not stand out. From cowboy boots or even UGGs (yes, Rihanna herself wore UGGs this spring, at the last Coachella festival) to colored attires, inspired from the’80s, which are, of course, spiced up with a lot of glitter.
One thing is certain: an eccentric outfit is desirable and suitable for festivals. So there’s no need to be shy – especially as the “safe” clothes, with minimalistic cuts and discreet shades, can be worn any day at the office.

OK, now, after we agreed that you’re more than allowed not to wear a nice delicate outfit, let’s turn our attention to accessories. Jewelry is key to a festival look. And, fortunately, you have plenty of options here, too:

1. The tassel earrings – which, by the way, are back in the fashionistas’ attention. I saw them at almost every party. But don’t stop at the earrings: the tassel bracelets are very cool, especially when worn at the ankles, with flat sandals.
2. Beaded necklaces – one, two, three or even 20. Wear also beaded bracelets. Again, the number doesn’t really matter.
3. Leather bracelets. Some of them have small details or talismans; others are created from braided leather. Even the simple, masculine ones are very cool (you can borrow them from your boyfriend).
4. The string bracelets with hanging talismans. If you’re among those who wear them every day, at the festival you really don’t have to take them off!
5. Talismans. They have different shapes and colors and you can hang them to bracelets or earrings.
6. Round earrings of any size. Very big, very small – or as many as possible, especially if you have multiple ear-piercings.
7. Body chains – also perfect, in fact, they actually seem especially created for festivals.
8. Silver turquoise rings. On all your fingers – and of all dimensions. For a strong look, also wear a massive bracelet, still with turquoise gems.
9. And rings again. Lots and simple. Or lots and opulent. I told you that, at festivals, extravagance is permitted and welcomed.
10. Leave your engagement ring at home. I’m not insinuating anything – I’m just thinking you might lose it in all that frenzy of concerts, dancing and fun :).

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