Must have: metallic necklaces

Golden, silvery, or in a rose gold shade? It would be amazing not having to choose!

The more varied the jewels, the more options you have to put together different outfits. Imagine how a simple black dress would look when accessorized with a pearl necklace. Or with a large, golden chain necklace. Or one with colored stones… Three different styles just by changing the necklace! Find below a few proposals that will help you highlight your favorite outfits. We chose the metallic necklaces precisely because they are fitting in so many combinations.


Pearl details

A fixed, golden necklace, with some white pearls in the middle – it is the ideal jewel for an elegant attire. The Misaki one is absolutely gorgeous: I imagine it matched with a white dress and golden, high-heeled sandals. But it will also look great with a pair of classic pants and a top.


A bee… from crystals

Swarovski has created a necklace with two pendants: a round one with clear crystals, on which the contour of a bee is cut out. And another one, still with a bee: with clear and black crystals – all very bright. It’s a modern gem, which can also be worn with a casual outfit, like jeans and a loose blouse, but also with a male-inspired suit or a chic dress.


Natural stones

When I saw the natural stone necklace from Morellato, I imagined it in a blend of pastels. As it is made of silver and has delicate, light blue shaded stones, a light pink or a green pistachio dress or blouse will highlight it. Of course, it’s also cool with white, beige or with denim items.


Pink gold

Emporio Armani proposes a delicate necklace with a silver chain on which three rings in the shade of pink gold are set. Two of these rings have the Emporio Armani logo marked, while clear shiny crystals emphasize the one in the middle. A gem that can be worn both with an office or casual outfit.


Oversized chains

It’s golden, it’s extravagant, and it’s luxurious. This Michael Kors necklace is made of golden stainless steel, and its oversized chains provide an instant fascination. A lock-shaped pendant – on which the brand’s name is engraved – is fixed in the middle. Wear it with rock inspired dresses or with torn jeans and a shirt. Definitely not recommended to the shy ones :).

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