The talented Mr. Ford

Fashion designer, director, writer, producer and the creator of some of the most adored fragrances in the world

Writing about Tom Ford’s world is a real challenge. A man with so many talents – a personality recognized in the fashion and beauty industries, as well as in cinema – certainly has a lot of stories.

Born in 1961, in Texas, USA, Tom Ford got remarked from the positions of Creative Director for some of the greatest, iconic fashion houses: Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. Yet, after these experiences, Ford launched its own brand. He started with a sunglasses line, and in 2006 he released a luxury clothing line for men. In 2010 he returned to designing for women, a moment expected by his fans worldwide.

Tom Ford Beauty was released in 2006, and the official pass into this industry was marked by the now iconic fragrance, Black Orchid – a luxurious, rich, sensual perfume. It was followed by a series of 12 unisex scents, in 2007. Today, Tom Ford Beauty means a universe in which perfumery plays an important role (dozens of perfumes are available, one more enticing than the other), but the division is now supplemented by special makeup and skin care lines.

“It is my desire to create the first true luxury brand of the 21st century”, said Ford. And he certainly succeeded.

In addition to his uncontestable talent, we must recognize that part of his success is owed to Ford’s strong personality: he dares, pushes the limits, no matter the field. He’s also a controversial character, being criticized in several occasions because he presents naked women in his ads. Some voices have catalogued some of his commercials vulgar and sexist.

More recently, Ford got back at the center of attention, when he declared that he refuses to dress the first lady of America, Melania Trump. But somehow, all the controversy didn’t even pinch the famous designer’s aura – quite the contrary. More women have fallen for his creations and admired him for having the courage to do and to say what he’s thinking.

Did you try Tom Ford’s perfumes? Believe us, you’ll have the olfactory experience of your life.

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