5 newly released seductive perfumes

Just waiting to be tested and loved

Some highlight the delicacy and grace; others talk about power and independence. In which one of them do you find yourself?


Nomade, Chloe

An eau de parfum that evokes the strength, the courage, and the adventurous side of a woman. It makes you think of freedom, love for open spaces and for the unknown. Chloe Nomade is a woody aroma that also contains fresh, floral notes: freesia, Mirabelle plums and lichens.


Aura Mugler, Thierry Mugler

It invites you to reconnect with yourself and to allow your femininity to surface. With a heart-shaped bottle – heart being the source of life and realm of emotions – Aura Mugler is a sensual floral-oriental fragrance, with rhubarb leaf, orange blossom, vanilla, and woodsy notes.


Si Passione, Giorgio Armani

A combination of grace, strength and independence, Si Passione from Giorgio Armani is an intense aroma, created for the women who know to say yes to any challenge. And the red bottle is a way to emulate the effect of the red lipstick. Si Passione opens with notes of pink pepper, black currants and pear, continuing with those of jasmine, rose and heliotrope and, finally, closing with cedar and vanilla.


Mon Guerlain Florale, Guerlain

An overdose of jasmine! In fact, Mon Guerlain Florale is a bouquet of white flowers, a scent that emphasizes femininity. Created for the contemporary woman and inspired by Angelina Jolie, Mon Guerlain Florale contains, in addition to sambac jasmine and lavender, bergamot, peony, iris, vanilla and sandalwood.


Amo Ferragamo, Salvatore Ferragamo

Amo I love, in Italian – is a young, modern young woman’s statement, with her feet on the ground, with a free spirit who wants to enjoy all that life has to offer. Amo Ferragamo is a fragrance dedicated to style and passion. The top notes contain Italian Bitter, rosemary and blackcurrant. The middle ones mix the sambac jasmine with rhubarb, while the base notes encapsulate a delicate combination between white vanilla, ambroxan and sandalwood.

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