The perfect bag for your laptop

As well as for you style, mister

A perfect day for me is when I don’t have to carry a lot of stuff around – actually, I love to leave the house with just my wallet on. But, on the other hand, these days are fairly rare: usually, they only coincide with weekends. During the week, when I have lots of meetings to attend to, I need at least my agenda, my laptop and my favorite fountain pen. And for all these, I need the right bag.

Recently I bought myself a new one and it wasn’t easy. I did a thorough online research, I wandered through lots of stores (it took me far longer then I’ve imagined), thought about it, decided only to change my mind again.

Ouch, actually I couldn’t believe myself I can be this selective. I was looking for a quality bag, a great looking one, of course, and wanted it to be roomy and fit my style. Finally, I chose one from Piquadro, an Italian brand that most certainly has a bag to your liking, too.



If youre wearing a suit…

… almost every day of the week, pick a slim bag, but one that is large enough to fit your laptop and tablet. It’s a very elegant piece, made of black leather, with plenty of compartments to keep your documents and your writing tools.


If you’re wearing jeans and jacket

… and your style is rather smart-casual, a modern, yet elegant bag is the right choice for you. You can find such a bag at Piquadro: navy high quality leather, very spacious, with multi-functional compartments.


If you’re taking a short trip

… and it’s work related, you can wear a leather backpack. That is, it figures, if you are not to attend a very formal meeting, where you’ll have to wear a suit and a bow tie J. Otherwise, this navy backpack is a very stylish choice, perfect for a two days trip.


If you are a fashion victim…

… go for a business bag, but with a geometric pattern. The one that I’m thinking about has a classic design, it’s not uni, but in black, navy, grey and blue leather. It looks very cool and it has compartments for everything you need, from laptop to agenda and pen.


If you are going in a city break…

… but, however, you have to present a project in a laid back, coffee-like atmosphere, wear a casual outfit and a cool backpack: black and grey leather, with zippers and a special compartment for your mini iPad.

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