5 (great) cocktails to seduce a woman

She will surely fall in love with one of them – guaranteed!

She’s drop dead gorgeous, witty, sophisticated, charming, and when she smiles, well, you are in seventh heaven. Your friends really like her, and your mother – clearly she knows your ways – keeps telling you not to lose her: she’s a keeper. Well, she’s the whole package, everything you’ve ever wanted in a woman. You’re even thinking, and that’s a first, she might be the one. The best news, though? You’re one incredibly lucky guy, she digs you, too – otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten those sweet good night kisses after your dates. But now is the time to prove yourself: you’ve asked her to your place for a nice evening, she said yes, and now it’s up to you to set up the perfect ambience, to the smallest details. What’s her favourite drink? A cocktail, you’ve done your homework. All good so far, but what cocktail? Hmm, you must be prepared and have plenty of the options. As it might take you a while figuring everything out, we’re coming to your rescue: below you have five cocktail proposals that would impress any woman.


White Russian

It’s a perfect combination between vodka and coffee liqueur. It’s sweet, but quite strong. And it’s not difficult to prepare. You just have to keep a close eye on the proportions: one part of Kahlua liqueur, two-parts of Absolut Vodka and one part of whipped cream. Now, fill a glass with ice cubes, add the liqueur and vodka, and only then the whipped cream. And if you feel that your lady might protest due to the calories, then just put some milk instead.



Almost every woman loves this traditional Brazilian cocktail. The basic drink is Cachaça, a type of rum made from sugar cane. The cocktail is, again, so easy to prepare: you need a lime, cut it into four, and then slightly crush it in the glass. Over it, add 60 ml of Cachaça, a tablespoon of sugar and crushed ice. And mission accomplished: you’ve obtained a mouth watering exotic cocktail, without too much hassle.



If she loves tequila, she will certainly like Paloma as well. You will need a lime, grapefruit soda and, of course, tequila. But let’s take it one step at a time: slightly wet the edges of the glass and then dip it in salt. Add in a few ice cubes, 60 ml of tequila, about 15 ml of lime juice and, finally, the grapefruit soda – again, some 60 ml. I bet you’ll like it, too.


Campari Spritz

Maybe it seems too classic or too handy to offer a Campari to a lady. But if you prepare it with prosecco, it will be anything but common. As usual, put in the ice cubes first, and pour over them about 60 ml of prosecco, 30 ml of sparkling water and 60 ml of Campari. For a great artistic impression, always serve it with an olive. Or two.


Midnight Kiss

I haven’t chosen it by chance, but because it’s a truly outstanding and impressive cocktail starting, obviously, with its name, and down to its look and taste. Put in a shaker 40 ml of Smirnoff vodka, 10 ml of Blue Curaçao and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Stir it well and then pour the content in a tall champagne glass, with its edges lined with sugar. Then fill it with champagne and clink your glasses at midnight.

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