Back home from the Himalayas

Vlad Capusan and Zsolt Torok, the two Romanian climbers that set a new world record, came back home today

It’s been a few days now since we began making plans. Vlad Capusan and Zsolt Torok are landing on Henri Coanda International Airport and we really want to be the first to welcome them. We are faced with an ethical decision: should we wait at the arrivals area, together with all the other journalists, televisions and fans or should we go to our BestValue Arrivals Shop, which is located right next to the luggage belts? I think you already know what we did. We cheated.

We saw them from a distance, relaxed and cool, and when we introduced ourselves, they were more than happy to meet us. Warm and unassuming, as only the really great people are, they hugged and thanked us for the surprise. We didn’t have the heart to keep them busy for more than a few minutes. After all, they were heading back home to all their loved ones. So we probably didn’t tell them enough how much we admire them and how thankful we are for their courage and passion. For us, the people at BestValue, they are the ultimate travelers, the ones who reach the places we only dare to daydream about.

For those who don’t know it yet, Vlad Capusan and Zsolt Torok have established a new world premiere: they are the first to ascend Virgin Peak 5 or Saldim Ri in the Himalayas (6.374 m). The expedition took place in extreme conditions, the two climbers being faced with temperatures of -30 degrees C, technical passages, a maze of crevasses in the glaciers and hundreds of meters of long granite walls.

When they reached the top, they took a picture with the Romanian flag and baptized their ascension route “Romanian Flame”. Asked in an interview why they chose this name, Vlad replied: because dreams never die.

We promise to come back soon with an interview and lots of photos that will take your breath away. Until then, let’s all congratulate Vlad and Zsolt for their performance.

Long live the absolute traveler!

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