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Your hands betray your age. It is not a legend – although I know it might seem like this when you’re in your 20’s. In reality, the hands are the most exposed: they are affected both by the sun and the cold weather. The skin gets dry also because our hands most frequently come into contact with water and soap. I, for example, feel it especially in the winter, when not even one evening goes by without using my hand cream. Furthermore, I need hydration even during the day, so I always have a hand cream in my bag. When I’m at the office, I pick a moisturizing product that quickly absorbs into the skin. In the evening, I prefer a more nourishing formula, for in depth hydration. And out of all, I liked the best the ones below:


Elizabeth Arden, Eight Hour Cream

It’s a cult product launched in the 1930s by Elizabeth Arden, which, over time, has won tons of awards. Since then and until now, this hand cream was loved by lots of women. Its non-greasy formula is absorbed immediately into the skin and hydrates for up to eight hours. You can buy it in a set containing two more fabulous products: a face cream and a lip balm.


White Caviar Illuminating Hand Cream, La Prairie

A real, luxurious treat for the skin – a fabulous product from La Prairie, containing white caviar. It hydrates like a charm, smoothing and brightening the skin, and, perhaps most importantly, giving the feeling of younger and more delicate hands. In addition, it contains 15 SPF, which blocks the action of the harmful rays of the sun. You’ll fall in love with this precious formula!


Shea Butter, L’Occitane

This cream has found its place on my nightstand. It contains 20% shea butter, which hydrates divinely – no matter how dried your hands are, the product acts just like a balm. And, more over, it swiftly absorbs into the skin. In addition to shea butter, it also contains honey, almond extracts, jasmine aromas and ylang-ylang essences.


The Moroccanoil hand cream

After I tried the hair oil from Moroccanoil, I was tempted to test some other products. And well done to me :)! It is so that I’ve discovered the hand cream from the same brand: it contains argan oil, avocado, shea butter and mango and it soothes and hydrates the hands from the very first use. .


Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, Clarins

I love it because it is basically a treatment for the dry hands. And, furthermore, it’s a miracle also for the nails. The Clarins specialists have developed a cutting-edge formula that hydrates while maintaining the skin’s elasticity. And that’s not all: to make our experience even more pleasurable every single day, it also has this subtle and inviting white tea leaves fragrance.

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