When to use the lip liner

And if it makes any difference in your everyday make-up

You probably don’t use the lip liner every day. Neither do I. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Most of the times, when I wear just gloss, lip balm or a natural shade lipstick, I really don’t feel the need of a contour. But, on the other hand, we must also recognize the merits of this product: the lip liner has, for the lipstick, the same effect as a primer applied before the foundation or a base used before the nail polish. In short, it’s not a mandatory step, but your lipstick will look better and will last longer. So, use the lip liner when…

… You have thin or uneven lips
In this case, it’s really helpful because you are able to correct your lips shape. Still, don’t forget to choose a lip liner in the same color with that of the lipstick. And don’t cheat: if you draw a contour outside your natural one, you’re not fooling anyone.

… You use a lipstick in a strong color
You need a precise outline, because a red lipstick, for instance, is striking – same as any little mistake. If you draw a stroke before, then it’s very simple to apply the lipstick, thus respecting the initial outline.

… You apply a bright or a highly hydrated lipstick
These formulas tend to easily migrate, and the lip liner had the role to fix the lipstick. You can use a colorless lip liner or one in a neutral shade, very close to the natural color of your lips.

… You want your lipstick to last without reapplying it
Before using the lipstick, fill in your lips completely (and not just the outline) with a lip liner. In this way, the lipstick will last longer and you will avoid that disagreeable effect that occurs at the end of evening – namely, your lips will retain only the outline, while the lipstick will disappear.

… You use them instead of lipstick
The lip lines usually have a matte texture and look great on your lips. You can use them not only for outlining, but also instead of lipstick – the color will hold up longer, and I’m confident that you’re going to like the result.

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