After party: a skin care guide

Or how to take care of your skin after (too) many lost nights

For me, the beginning of the year means a little bit of peace. I use to take a few days off in January and not go to the office in the first business days of the year. It seems to me, somehow, that I adjust easier and that I have some relief after the December madness. Because, at the end of the year, I try to enjoy every moment: Christmas with my family or meetings with my friends – that sometimes turn into parties, which last till the break of dawn. This marathon ends with the New Year’s night and with a 1st of January when I sleep pretty much all day. Then, my routine, my schedule slightly gets back to normal. Just that, after so many lost nights, my complexion suffers the consequences: the annoying signs of fatigue, some of that I can’t just hide with more hours of sleep. So, I start to take time for my beauty routine and take more care of my skin.



You know it already, it’s rule number 1. I drink more water and use a hydrating cream. For the day, my choice is Estee Lauder Hydrationist, which restores the skin’s natural luminosity. And I never forget about the eye cream – Benefiance WrinkeResist 24 from Shiseido – which I use every morning.


Extra antioxidants

A few glasses of champagne are enough for your skin to get dehydrated. And if we talked about moisturizing products already, you mustn’t forget the ones that contain antioxidants – because, apart from dehydration, the alcohol also deprives the skin of important nutrients. That’s why I choose a seaweed serum (which is a great source of antioxidants), namely Blue Therapy Accelerated from Biotherm. And if I plan to leave the house, I don’t use any foundation, but a tinted cream, which soothes the skin. And that, naturally, also contains antioxidants – Sheer Tint Release from Estee Lauder.


Night care

In addition to sleep and plenty of water, the products that act during the night are extremely important. In the morning, when I look in the mirror, I can really tell the difference. My trusted ally is a set from Estee Lauder, namely the famous Advanced Night Repair, which contains two products: for face and eyes. The signs of tiredness magically vanish, but it’s not only that: the two products have also an efficient anti-wrinkle effect. The skin will be more hydrated, smoother and will have a uniform color.



If you’ve partied up for several days in a row, the best idea is not to use make-up for at least a couple of days. But I know that you can’t always afford this luxury. Well, when you really have to, try to stay away from the black kohl – especially if your eyes are slightly red. The dark shades will only accentuate the fatigue effect. However, you can use a white or beige khol, which will hide the redness. And, last but not least, a red, strong lipstick will get you a splash of color. It always works!


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