Prague – a fairytale city

With a history of more than a thousand years

To be downright truthful, when I first visited Prague, I didn’t have many expectations (entirely right, I hadn’t done any research at all). Yes, I was looking forward to a city that deserves to be seen, OK, but nothing out of the ordinary – after all it was a city close to home, so, thus, without too many surprises. It wasn’t as if I would go to Tokyo or Buenos Aires! Well, nothing more inappropriate: how much I was mistaken! I discovered an absolutely charming city, steeped in history, amazing at every step – yeap, it was love at first sight. I quickly unpacked and although it was already dark, I ventured into the maze-like, cobblestone streets of Prague. Seduced by the mysterious solitary pathways, illuminated by the enigmatic lanterns, I’d ignored when the time has elapsed or how far I went, and I lost my way. Finally, after about a couple of hours, I arrived exhausted and famished at hotel. But I was never sorry: I would lose myself anytime on the streets of Prague. So, here are 7 things – more or less touristy –, which you can do in the City of Gold:


A boat cruise on the Vlatva

It’s the fastest way to discover and to make an idea of the topography of the city. You have the chance to learn something about the history of Prague and enjoy the main attractions of the city. In addition, you need to see Prague from the water viewpoint. It’s an unforgettable perspective. Relax and enjoy the drinks and snacks on board.


A walk on Charles Bridge

Let’s make crystal clear, it’s bound to get up in the morning if you want to have a unique experience and pictures worthy for Instagram: admire the gorgeous Gothic masterpiece at sunrise, the statues, the surroundings from over there, without too many tourists getting in your way. Come back in the afternoon to experience the crowd of painters, caricaturists, and troubadours that populate the bridge.



Sweeten up at the Choco Story Museum

On Celetna Street, just a few minutes walk from the Old Town Square you’ll find one of the most appetizing museums in Prague: Choco Story, the Chocolate Museum. You’ll find it easily because all tourists passing on this street are served with chocolates. Inside, you can experience live shows, tastings, and a lot of history. And many kinds of chocolate, often authentic works of art. Recommended to the sweet lovers!


The dancing house

Just near Jiraskuv bridge you’ll find one of the most bizarre and cheerful buildings in Prague: the Dancing House, dedicated to the famous couple dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.


Go to the castle

Prague Castle is, in fact, a complex of absolutely breathtaking buildings. Discover the beauty of St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, Saint George Basilica, the picturesque Golden Lane, where Kafka lived, Daliborka Tower, but also the six splendid gardens encircle the Castle.


Have traditional a beer

If you didn’t know by now, the Czechs are the biggest beer drinkers in the world. So, refresh with a beer. Not anywhere, but in one of the mini-pubs where the staff is really knowledgeable in the field. And forget about the well-known brands: try Kozel, Cerna Hora, Matuska or Svijani.


The rooftop terraces

Prague is well known for its terraces and restaurants, but the most spectacular, elegant and charming are, let’s say, “upstairs”: the rooftop terraces. A chance to enjoy some traditional Czech dishes or just a coffee, but also to have a unique panorama over the city. And, as some are so very camouflaged, we recommend you the Grand Cafe Orient, above the Cubist Museum, U Prince, U Zlate Studne and T-Anker terraces.

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