5 things to see in Dublin

From a fascinating library, as if ripped from Harry Potter, to a place that tells the story of Guinness

There are destinations that are always sunny – a little entity that we want, in fact, most of the time. Less than, perhaps, when the temperature reaches 40 degrees in the shade, the air is thick and, if you are not in a place with sea and beach, you almost won’t leave the hotel room. Dublin, however, is not one of these places. On the contrary. It’s a town with whimsical weather where the hot days are very rare. Exactly what we want in the middle of the summer, isn’t it? And as this is the ideal time to pack your luggage for a trip to the capital of Ireland, we have some suggestions on how to spend your time there.


Trinity College

Maybe it doesn’t sounds extremely interesting, but believe me, nothing can really prepare you for your visit to the Old Library, at Trinity College – in fact, one of the most famous universities. Here you’ll see extremely rare books in a room dating from the 18th century and that seems torn from the pages of Harry Potter.


The Dublin Castle

Located in the heart of the old town, the castle of Dublin is one of the oldest architectural monuments of the city – it was built in the early 13th century. It has been used, over time, as a fortress, a prison, treasury and Palace of Justice. Today, some of the rooms of the castle can be visited by tourists.


Francis Bacon’s Studio

The painter’s Studio was moved, piece-by-piece from London to Dublin, at Hugh Lane’s Gallery. Here you can find out lots of things about the life of the famous artist and, thus, you will understand much better artwork. You’ll see some of his work – from the paint tubes, with whom he worked with, jars of pigments, pieces of cloth. It’s a fascinating place, you’ll see.


St. Patrick’s Cathedral

It is one of the few buildings that have been preserved from the medieval city. Built between 1220 and 1260, it remains the largest Cathedral in Ireland. Here you can learn more about the impressive history of this building. You can even make your reservation online, it will come handy.


Guinness Storehouse

Whether you like black beer or not, Guinness Storehouse is an unmissable experience in Ireland. In the seven-storey building you’ll find the story of the famous Irish beer and its founder, Arthur Guinness. Those who have visited the place were also impressed by The Gravity Bar, located on the top floor – from there you have a superb view over the city of Dublin. Have a delicious lunch in Gilroy’s bar (on the fifth floor) and order, for dessert, mousse with chocolate and beer. It’s delicious!

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