M&M’s are more than candies

6 different ways to use M&M’s that you probably didn’t know about

What’s the best snack in the world? I know very well the correct answers: “an apple”, “a handful of almonds” or “celery”. But let’s be honest, the best kind of snack is… anything with chocolate. Preferably something small, easy share and eat. Wait, am I describing M&M’s? Yes, I am.

Not only they are delicious, but the colorful candies can be used in more ways than you can imagine. Besides the obvious, we found 6 more ways to finish the M&M’s bag in record time. Let us name a few:

  1. Snacking, First and foremost, it’s the best remedy for those with a sweet tooth. It’s especially good for those procrastination moments at work, late nights in front of the TV or sharing with friends. Simple, with peanuts, or crispy, it’s your choice, just have a bag ready.
  2. Gambling “money”. You, probably, dread poker night because there are still a good 9-10 days until salary, and even if you had a winning hand, you can’t afford to bet on every one. So take matters in your own hands: organize a poker night and insist the betting will be done exclusively in M&M’s candies. Separate the values by color: yellows are 10, blues, 20, greens, 50 and reds, 100.
  3. Teach your kids how to count. Math can be fun for anyone when M&M’s are involved. Divide them in different cups and count them together. Then eat the ones in your favorite color.
  4. Home-made, mouth-watering sweets. Melted M&M’s over popcorn. Granola bars. Cupcake frosting. Cookies. Ice cream. Brownies. Cake. All with M&M’s. It’s ok, you can go buy some right now, we know you want to.
  5. Rewards aka Motivation. “You can have the M&M’s bag when you finish your homework”. It’s very effective for kids, but can be a powerful motivator for adults, too. Especially if they’re addicted to sweets.
  6. “I’m bored” game. Tell your friend to stay 5 meters away from you. Try to throw candies in your friend’s mouth ☺. Have fun!

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