It’s Women’s Day, sweetheart…

So, please allow me to make you a few suggestions

Yes, oh, yes indeed, we are in the month of March – that of the “many gifts”, as men say. Or the one with “two gifts”, as we, women, say J. I always get amused when I hear the discussions between the male colleagues on this subject – “What on earth will I buy her this year?!” Ah, and to me it seems so simple as, for us, women, there are lots and lots of options. It’s enough to see what the beauty kit of your beloved contains. And, let me tell you a little secret: every woman – no, there are no exceptions! – has an innocent weakness: either she adores perfumes, either she loves the make-up or skin care products. Find her guilty pleasure, cause it’s there, and fulfil it. Below you’ll find five suggestions, that just can’t fail. 


If she likes perfumes…

Choose the Armani Si gift set – it contains an eau de parfum and a body lotion. Ah, and if you are not quite sure your girlfriend loves perfumes, you can easily find out: take a look at how many she has on her toilet table. If there are at least three, you’re on the right track.


If she fancies lipsticks…

Then surprise her with the Pure Color Envy Kit from Estee Lauder. It includes three shades that flatter any woman, so do not stress at the haunting thought that you have no clue choosing the color. How do you know she would desire something like this? Well, that’s simple: try to remember if she uses lipstick or gloss every day.


If she likes make-up…

… you’ll probably find in the bathroom and in her cosmetics cabinet a bunch of tiny and colorful boxes. Another sign? She never leaves home without a touch of make-up. OK, in this case, choose the Absolu Nude palette from Lancome. It has it all: from mascara, eye liner and eye shadows to blush and gloss. Moreover, the shades are nude, just perfect for blondes, as well as brunettes.


If she pays attention to taking care of her body…

The perfect gift is the Take Off Perfect Body kit from Clarins. It comprises four absolutely wonderful body products. Well, you’ll ask again, how will you know if she’s fond of this stuff. So here you go, have some hints: after a shower, she spends a lot of time in the bathroom. Secondly, her skin smells fabulous every day.


If she prefers skin care products…

It means that, at least once, your beloved stepped out of the bathroom with a mask on her face. And that, from time to time, she even tells you how important is to use a hydrating cream. In this case, the most pleasing surprise is the Moisture Surge set from Clinique, which contains a serum, a hydrating cream and an eye cream.

Petrecere frumoasa si spune-ne si noua ce ai ales!

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