Gift ideas for the 1st of March

Or how to surprise your girlfriend at the beginning of spring

No, don’t ever believe in that innocent “Don’t buy me anything, really, it’s OK, I don’t need anything!”. OK, maybe she’s really sincere when she says that. But somehow, things change when, on the 1st or 8th of March, you come home empty handed, without a gift, no matter how small it might be. I know, I truly know that the proofs of love don’t necessarily include gifts. Yet, nevertheless, in the complicated minds of women might sneak a sign of doubt. A “it’s no longer as at it was in the beginning” or a “he no longer thinks of me as he used to”. So, you’d better start thinking about what you want at the beginning of March: a serious discussion about your relationship or a quiet evening together with sweetheart thanking you for existing in her life and worshiping the ground you walk on? If you are smart enough – of course you are! – and choose the latter, then the gift selection below is going to come in handy. All in shades of red, so that they’ll look spectacular alongside the bouquet of white snowdrops.


A mini bag

It’s like a tiny jewel made of red leather, with an adjustable, highly practical, and thin strap: she’ll wear it as a postman’s bag. And the red shade of this Coccinelle bag is not only fabulous, but it also fits perfectly with denim or any other casual attire, plus it makes a very stylish accent for a black or navy dress.


A writing tool

The ballpoint pen from Montblanc’s Rouge et Noir collection is a precious gift – otherwise, every connoisseur is aware that a Montblanc lasts for a lifetime. Out of all, for March I chose this red pen decorated with a serpent-shaped ring with green eyes, just because its unique and intricate design.


A precious crystal heart

More specifically, a heart-shaped pendant from Swarovski, made out of the Light Siam red crystal. It’s a discrete and elegant jewel that can be mixed both with an evening dress or an office shirt. And it’s really an inspired gift – a proof of love that will remind your girlfriend of you. Every single day.


A very chic wallet

The wallet is one of the accessories that we all cannot miss. And women crave for a roomy, yet refined one – a place for all the cards, invoices and every other post-it notes on which they jot down all sorts of things – no need to imagine. Well, the leather wallet from Furla has all the pluses above.


A box with the finest pralines

Go for Neuhaus – it’s the company that, actually, invented the pralines, that’s why they’re so delicious! And it’s a good idea to offer them to your lover, especially if you know she likes chocolate. I, for one, don’t know any woman who doesn’t get a smile on her face when she gets a box of 25 assorted pralines.

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