17 essential facts about Montblanc

From the brand’s birth until today

  1. The first pen was launched in 1909. In the same year, the brand’s name, Montblanc, was created– from Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps.
  2. In 1924, the famous Meisterstuck pen was launched.
  3. Two years later, Montblanc started the production of leather luxury accessories in Offenbach, a town known for its leather tradition.
  4. For the first time, in 1929, on the nib of the Meisterstück fountain pen was inscribed the number 4810, representing the height of Mont Blanc’s peak, and becoming a sign of supreme quality.
  5. In 1952 the Meisterstuck 149 was released and it became an authentic symbol in the writing instruments’ world.
  6. John F. Kennedy helped German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer by offering him his Meisterstuck 149 pen to sign a document. It was happening in 1963.
  7. In 1986 the Meisterstuck Solitaire Collection was launched, a precious metal version of the classic Meisterstuck fountain pen.
  8. In 1990, Montblanc opens up its first boutique in Hong Kong. It was followed by the shops in Paris and London. Today, the brand is present in 70 countries, in more than 350 stores.
  9. In 1992, the brand launched Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage, a tribute to the arts. Lorenzo di Medici and Hemingway limited editions fountain pens were released, sought today by collectors worldwide.
  10. The most expensive pen in the world was launched in 1994. It’s the Meisterstuck Solitaire Royal model, decorated with 4810 diamonds which were manually applied.
  11. In 1997, the Montblanc Montre SA company was inaugurated, in Le Locle, Switzerland – a renowned place in the watchmaking industry. Next came the attendance at the Salon International of Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), in Geneva, with the first watch of the brand, also called Meisterstück. It got a lot of attention, as well as recognition.
  12. The Boheme writing tools line appeared in 2000.
  13. Three years later, the StarWalker line comes along, a new generation of writing instruments.
  14. In 2004, Montblanc’s collaboration with UNICEF begins. 149 personalities have written a letter that begins with the words “I like to write because…”. The letters, along with the pens on which the celebrities’ signatures were engraved, were put up for auction, and the funds were donated to UNICEF.
  15. To celebrate 100 years of existence, in 2006, the brand has released several editions containing an anniversary Montblanc diamond – after eight years of research, the Montblanc brand was the first in the world to be granted a patent for its diamond-logo cut.
  16. In 2010, Montblanc launched the new Metamorphosis watch.
  17. Five years later, after more innovations in the field of watchmaking, Montblanc signed Charlotte Casiraghi – equestrian champion, writer and producer – as brand Ambassador at the Salon International of Haute Horologerie. It was then that the TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap was released – a TimeWalker watch and a bracelet with a device that, among other aims, tracks sports activity, also sending notifications.
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