Is this goodbye or see you later?

Should we give up the winter scents or not? Decisions, decisions...

I am positive that, just like me, you have thousands of reasons to hate winter… and only a few to absolutely love it. I remember that, in college, I couldn’t wait for the last November days to switch to my winter fragrance mode. It was like a resolution, a „new season, new me” state of mind that I’m still having each time I’m facing some changes. Like when you decide to cut your hair and you’re super excited. But without the risk of looking awful and hating yourself afterwards. And the guy who did it. Now that spring’s almost here, I’m having mixed feelings. I cannot wait to test the new floral scents of the season, but I’m also quite nostalgic because I’ve truly fallen in love with some new winter fragrances in the last couple of months. Who knows, maybe this year I’ll change the tradition and use my winter fragrance all over the year. But which one?


Guerlain, Ambre Eternel

I found this fragrance in December: a son of the Orient, whose mother is a Parisian femme fatale. A seductive melange of delicacy and mystery, encompassing the French spirit of Guerlain House, Ambre Eternel is a scented game that I’ve chosen to play from the very beginning. And I never got bored of it. I’ll miss its intense scent, the amber, coriander and cardamom. Should I keep it or not?


Ajmal, Santal Wood

Santal Wood is not a fragrance, it’s a spiritual journey. Maybe because its composition contains the finest santal oil in India, mixed with ginger and jasmine flowers. A fragrance that doesn’t last for hours, but for days since the moment you sprayed it on. Rich, luxurious, mysterious. It’s a statement I could make every day.


Cartier, La Panthere

I don’t know why I’ve fallen for this fragrance in the first place. Was it because of Jeanne Toussaint’s story – Cartier’s muse? Or was it the bottle? Or maybe the scent. Anyway, La Panthere is a manifesto for femininity, an intoxicating juice. You either love it or hate it. Like a red lipstick you wear in the morning. It’s your attitude that determines whether it suits you or not. The problem is just that… I don’t know if I wanna wear a red lipstick every single day.


Shaik, Opulent Gold

OK, you must own this fragrance at least once in your lifetime. Because nothing compares to your friends’ reaction when they see it for the first time. You know, from the ironical comments like „Look who’s a gold digger”, to „Oh, I think the smell spread all over the neighborhood” to „Mhh, it’s actually not that bad” and „Tell me where you bought it from, I want it NOW”, after one day tops. Yep, Shaik does that to people.


Dolce&Gabbana, The One

I can’t really figure out what extent I’m influenced by the advertising campaigns, but this fragrance literally makes me feel like THE ONE. I mean sexy, desired, admired. I dress up, spray it gently and walk out on the streets – soundtrack Donna Summer, Hot stuff (don’t laugh!) –, the wind is going through my recently iron-curled hair, cars stop to let me pass, I keep walking with a seductive yet playful smile on my face and then… Then I get to work. Reality check! All fantesies aside, The One Essence is absolutely stunning!

Oh well, after five fragrances and five stories, I don’t know which one’s the winner. But after all, tomorrow is another day. Isn’t it?

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