5 perfumed body lotions

Which perfectly match with your favorite fragrance

There are so many body care products, from body butter to souffle, from moisturizing lotions to firming or anti-cellulite creams. Regardless of the texture that we’ll choose, we should admit that its scent plays an important role. And it’s somehow common sense: when you test a body lotion, the first impression you’ll get across will be its aroma. It’s the first one you feel – as it seduces you on the spot… or not, and you walk away. But what about those scented lotions that have the same notes that you find in your favorite perfume? Well, it’s not just that they smell divine and leave your skin feeling perfectly hydrated. No, more than that, they are designed to accentuate and spread your perfume fragrance throughout the day.


Dolce, Dolce&Gabbana

It is a body lotion that wholly fits with the perfume with the same name: Dolce. It contains hydrating agents that soften the skin and unmistakable flavors, predominately white flowers: orange blossom, daffodils and water lily.


L’eau d’issey, Issey Miyake

A body cream with dreamily floral aromas that hydrate in depth and whose scent lingers all day. As the perfume itself, the lotion surrounds you with lotus and rose notes, as well as white flowers and precious wood aromas. In the same range you’ll find not only the eau de toilette with the same name, but also a deodorant.


Daisy Dream, Marc Jacobs

Designed to be used alongside the Daisy Dream perfume, this body lotion leaves skin silky-smooth and luminous. The fruity notes of blackberry, pear and grapefruit harmoniously blend with the jasmine, lychee, coconut and musk ones. A real pleasure to use it on a daily basis.


Angel, Thierry Mugler

The Angel body lotion can be used along with the eau de toilette or the eau de perfume from the same line, but also by itself. And that’s because its aroma lasts all day: honey, coconut, vanilla, amber, patchouli, dark chocolate, blackberry and caramel – a gourmand, sensual and seducing mix.


For Her, Narciso Rodriguez

This body lotion is part of the For Her line from Narciso Rodriguez. Incidentally, For Her was the first perfume launched by the famous designer, who wanted to create a flavor that suits any women. So, both the eau de toilette and the body lotion contain floral notes that are majestically intertwined with woody and amber musk notes.

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