Elegance. Audacity. Glamour

Or, in a single word: Versace

Launched in 1978 by Gianni Versace, the fashion house that bears his name has a rock-solid reputation. Any Hollywood star has in its wardrobe at least one of Versace’s creations and we dare to say that everyone has heard of this brand. Just as many can easily recognize the house’s creations, even though they don’t immediately notice its famous logo inspired by the Medusa, a character from the Greek mythology. Versace designs talk about boldness, sensuality, decadence and luxury. And, fortunately, the perfumes – for women and men alike – possess all these fascinating attributes. Discover below a selection of fabulous aromas.



Eros and Eros pour femme

These two fragrances speak about love. Eros (for him) takes you in a world of sensuality and masculinity. Perfect for a seductive, passionate and confident man, Eros contains notes of vetiver, Madagascar vanilla, cedar, Tonka beans, but also lemon, mint or green apple. At the opposite side, Eros pour Femme embodies the woman of whom God Eros himself falls in love with. The eau de toilette seduces with notes of bergamot, Sicilian lemon, pomegranate, musk and sandalwood.


Crystal Noir

An eau de toilette from the Crystal collection, which bears a name that evokes mystery, elegance, delicacy. Crystal Noir is the perfect choice for women who love oriental perfumes. The elegant bottle contains a magic mixture of sandalwood, amber, gardenia, peony, orange blossom, but also cardamom and ginger.




Yellow Diamond Intense

It carries the name of a precious stone and has the power to make you remember the beautiful summer days. Yellow Diamond Intense is an eau de parfum that seduces, yet retains a touch of mystery, just as any women would desire. A bright and luminous fragrance, like a sunny summer day, with white flowers, pear, bergamot, bitter orange blossom, musk, amber, freesia and jasmine.


Oud Noir

An eau de parfum which is found at the top of the most successful perfumes in the oud category – one of the most expensive natural ingredients made of tropical agar wood. In addition to this, Oud Noir contains patchouli, cardamom, saffron, bitter orange, black pepper and leather notes. It’s an intense fragrance, suitable for a strong and confident man.




Eau Fraiche

If we would want to define this eau de toilette into a single word, it would be: refreshing. Just like the waves of the Mediterranean, or like a gentle breeze in a spring day. Eau Fraiche is a masculine fragrance that majestically mixes contrasts: old and new, classic and modern. A fresh aroma created from notes of bergamot, cardamom, pepper, tarragon, sage or cedar leaves. Try it yourself!

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