Intense essences

Obsessive. Persistent. Seductive

Yes, I am talking of those fragrances that cannot be ignored. Which conquer you from the very first moment and that you cannot forget. Their aromas linger on your skin, on your clothes, on the pillow… They basically, follow you everywhere: the fragrances with personality, attitude and allure, suitable for the cold season.


Candy, Prada

The name says it all: sweet. Just as a long, desired, awaited, dessert. Like a kiss that you’ve dreamed off days and days. The Prada Candy eau de parfum is a combination of caramel and musk, a rich and daring aroma, for women who want to seduce any man. And who really do.


Ange ou Demon, Givenchy

Angel or devil – what’s your choice for today? The eau de toilette Ange ou Demon highlights a woman’s exciting duality. And it does so through a combination of amazing, surprising flavors: mandarin, white saffron and cumin alongside lilac, orchids and ylang-ylang. It the end, you will feel the basic notes: rosewood, oak moss, and sweet vanilla.


Noir Pour Femme, Tom Ford

No, it wasn’t created for the faint-hearted ones. On the contrary. The Tom Ford Noir eau de parfum addresses to every passionate and genuine woman. To those who love fragrances with charm, personality and extravagance. Noir mixes citrus and spiced aromas with floral notes of rose, jasmine and orange blossom. The base of the fragrance is warm, with vanilla, amber and sandalwood.


Opium, Yves Saint Laurent

It’s one of the classic perfumes, which, as time passes, becomes more and more successful. We could say without any error that it is addictive. There is something special in the formula of Opium: patchouli, vanilla, amber, jasmine, carnation, lily of the valley, bergamot and mandarin.


Essenza, Roberto Cavalli

It’s intense. It’s challenging. It’s different. Essenza from Roberto Cavalli is a persistent eau de parfum with personality, which bets on the combination of exotic flowers and spices. Just imagine: bitter almond, orange blossom and sweet vanilla essence. It’s a dream!  

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