7 make-up tips any woman must know…

... before turning 30


Anyone can wear red lipstick

And, more than that, any woman ought to wear red lipstick. It’s one of those tastes you acquire, as you grow older. And there’s no woman who’s not flattered by red: dark or light, shiny or matte, with or without glitter – there’s a red for everyone.


Do not apply bronzing powder all over your face…

… at least if you want a natural make-up. Make-up artists use it only in the areas where the sunlight acts the most – hence the famous expression sun-kissed – namely on the forehead, nose and chin. Add just a little bit also on the cheeks, instead of blush or maybe over a coral pink blush.


Use as little powder as possible

You may have noticed that one or two wrinkles have already appeared on your face. Don’t worry, it’s only natural: they are expression wrinkles, and they most-often appear from too much laughter. However, you might want to hide them, and your first instinct would be to use more make-up than before. Don’t do that. On the contrary: choose a natural foundation and use just a bit of powder, eventually just on the T-zone. A generous coat of powder will highlight the wrinkles even more.


Cover the pimples with a slight corrector

Even if you have passed the age of adolescence, still a pimple will get to you, exactly when your world’s more dear. Fortunately, with the passing of the time, you have already learned that you have to leave the blemishes alone, to “bother” them the least. Cover them with a bit of concealer. If the surrounding area is irritated and red, use a green concealer, which will hide the irritation.


Get rid of the lip balm addiction

Almost every woman faces, at some point, with the problem of dry lips. And, yes, that’s why the lip balm was invented. However, like any other product, it shouldn’t be used in excess. When you get to be addicted to it, well, then, you’ve got yourself a problem. What to do? Exfoliate your lips once a week, best with a soft toothbrush, for children. Only then apply a bit of lip balm.


Don’t pluck too much of your eyebrows

For some time now, the trends tell us that the eyebrows must be as natural as possible. The very thin eyebrow time is kind of obsolete. Now they are thick and naturally makeup-ed. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any eventual gaps –and do not exaggerate. The less product applied, the better.


Apply mascara in zig-zag

Hey, I’m sure that you know how to use mascara; it’s only the most popular make-up product. Just apply two layers on the eyelashes and you’re ready – you can conquer the world! Yet there is a difference between simply applying mascara and to get a wow look – place the brush as close to the eyelashes’ root and simply move it an a zig-zag motion. Your eyelashes will be sharper, better underlined and won’t stick together.

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