How to apply the blush like a pro

Just like a make-up artist does

There was a time when I stopped using blush altogether. It was, mainly, because, all the time, I felt I looked like a clown, with two pink spots on the cheeks. I tried to use less, but, then, it seemed like there was nothing to see! Ah, and on top of it, at the office, I was often meeting this colleague, who was always used makeup soooooo abundantly. She would apply a brown blush, a pretty dark one – and, always, in excess.

If you didn’t know her, you’d almost consider asking her if she’d maybe hit something, or if she’d somehow burned herself. So, for a while, I didn’t use blush at all. I started again, at some point, when I found one I really loved. It was with this occasion that I got ambitious: I spoke to professional make-up artists, I looked for tutorials, and finally I learned how to accurately apply the blush. And now it seems so simple! All you need is a little patience.


  1. If you use a classic, compact blush, you need a high-quality brush. And not any brush, but a special one for the blush – it’s easy to spot and choose, as, on it, you’ll find written what’s it for :). The brush in the little box will only help you with the everyday retouches.
    2. Put just a little amount of product on the brush and, before applying it, shake the brush to remove the excess. It’s one of the most important tricks.
    3. If you have a creamy blush, the simplest thing is to spread it out with your fingers. It’s easier to fade – sincerely now, the creamy blush is ideal for beginners.
    4. Use very little product. This way, there are much smaller chances to make mistakes. If you apply the blush gradually, little by little, you can easily stop when you get to the desired outcome.
    5. If your shape of your face is long, the color should be applied in the middle of the cheeks, then simply fading it to the temples.
    6. If your face is oval – which is usually very well proportionate and is considered the ideal shape –, use blush on the most prominent parts of the cheeks. How do you know which are these parts? Simple: look in the mirror and smile!
    7. For the women with a triangular or a heart-shaped face, apply the blush beneath the most prominent area of the cheeks, and then slowly fade it to the temples.
    8. If your face is round, apply the color on the lower part of the cheekbones. Not straight under the cheekbones, yet not in the middle.
    9. And if your face shape is square, the color must be used on the cheekbones. Temper it down to the temples with ascending movements.


Now, see, it’s not as difficult as it seems, is it?

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