Children’s fragrances – YES or NO?

A few things you didn't know about the perfumes created for the little ones

Not just us, adults, like perfumes: they also fascinate the little ones. Not only do they want a puff when they see their parents using them, they would like to have their own fragrances. Especially when they see them in stores.

The children’s perfume industry is growing. And the little bottles, with aromas specially created for them, have a very attractive design: how can they not want such a fragrance, especially when their favorite cartoon hero or heroine is on the bottle?

And kids perfumes don’t just have an attractive design. They have specially designed formulas for the little ones. So, here are a few things you should know about these products:


– They contain less alcohol than adult fragrances, so they are more suitable for children’s skin. Besides, there are even perfumes that don’t contain alcohol at all
– The aromas are more delicate and are not, in any case, strong
– They are tested so they don’t create any health problems – allergies or other skin irritations. That doesn’t mean that if a child (or an adult) acquires an allergy from a perfume, that fragrance is not a quality one. Any of us may be allergic to a certain ingredient
– If parents want to be extremely cautious, they can spray perfume on the children’s clothes, and not directly on the skin. And of course, in small amounts!
– If any allergy or irritation signs occur, it is recommended to stop using that particular perfume
– Even if they are created for kids, these perfumes should be stored away from children. That unless parents are 100% sure that the little ones won’t swallow or spray perfume in the eye area.

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