Beauty secrets with Adriana Lima

Or what tricks can we steal from one of the most beautiful women in the world

Adriana Lima is in the spotlight since she was 15 when she won Supermodel of Brazil competition. Since then, we’ve seen her on all of the fashion magazines covers, in a variety of commercials and in the already legendary Victoria’s Secret shows – she is one of the Victoria’s Secret “angels” since 1999. With such a resume, it’s already understood that she’s in first positions in the Forbes top best-paid models. I’ll stop here with her presentation, but I feel the need to add that Adriana is simply gorgeous – yes, I know, it’s obvious, but I had to say it myself. Well, OK, but you must be wondering how did I get to write about her? Everything started from a photo – the one where her hair is caught at the back, in a classic ponytail, she wears a discreet eye make-up and a sensational red lipstick. I was ecstatic about this look, so I sought out others, and others… and, finally, I’ve made a top five with different make-up looks from which we can draw some inspiration. Even though we’re not top models :).


Burgundy lips

A lipstick in such a hue brings about instant sensuality. It’s a bold and passionate color. I use it even when I don’t have too much time for make-up – I just apply a base for a uniform skin tone, a little mascara and the Pure Color Envy lipstick from Estee Lauder. It only takes ten minutes and it looks like a ten.


Grey eye shadows

Why do I like so much the make-up palettes? Because that’s where I find shades that I can easily combine. And when I saw Adriana’s make-up in this photo, I immediately thought at the Couture Eye Palette from Yves Saint Laurent: darker or lighter greys, matte and shiny textures. It’s the perfect combination for an evening make-up.


A drop of rose

No, I’m not thinking about a glass of rose – yet, I wouldn’t say no to one, but later. Now, however, I think about this pale, matte pink, which lasts on the lips till evening, and that’s great for a day make-up, with just a little bit of mascara and bronzing powder. Well, to obtain this look, I use a Lip Liner from Givenchy. It’s an old trick, but a very useful one: I color my lips only with this pencil for a matte and long lasting effect.


Sexy black

Anyone has at home at least a black eye pencil. I use it in all sorts of ways: on the upper eyelid only, just on the bottom one, and sometimes I even contour only half of an eyelid. And other times I go all the way, just like in the photo beside: a complete outline for maximum impact. With Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil from Shiseido.


Passionate red

It’s almost impossible to talk about lip make-up and to take out red from the equation. With red you simply can’t go wrong – the secret is to find not only the lipstick shade that you like, but also a comfortable texture. Try Pop Lip Color from Clinique: the color lasts for eight hours, and its formula provides hydration, just like a balm. Again, it’s worth trying.

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